Tassili    of  Hoggar

5 circuits


Colossal sandstones sculptures surge out the dunes.

Sunlights and shadows play with horizon and relief.


If the visitor would not have printed his feet in the sand,

he could have thought he would not belong to the majestic scenary.


                                                                                                       retour au sommaire


Ancient banks from the Saharian sea, the sandstones plateaus surround the Hoggar mountain range. 

In North-East of Tassili N'Ajjer,  Djanet reveals a lot of rupestrian paintings discovered by  the ehtnologist and writer Henri Lhote.

In South-East, the Tassili of Ahaggar stayed away from main arteries until 1970 because this dry and rocky tassel was inhospitable.

Few contraband caravans used to cross this desert plateaus but nomads would have not risked to hazard.

 Today, Tassili of Hoggar is an indispensable destination for the Saharian traveler.


Tin Rerhoh


15 day discovery circuit, trek and 4X4 assistance

Tarakeft Agency offers you to be a privileged traveler to discover a special circuit in South East of the Tassili of Hoggar.

 To reach the plateau of Tin Rerhoh is a majestic adventure, among dunes, rocks and rare wells.

To discover Tassels of Oua-n-Rechla and to cross sandstones.

At the end of the trip you discover the Atakor mountain range where you admire a sunset from the plateau where Father Charles de Foucauld lived

 as an hermit for few months at the beginning of the XIX century.

Two or three hours daily trek..




S u l l a n


Sullan(tamacheq): slowly
An usual Tuareg's word which is an invitation to enjoy life, to walk in taking time to admire the desert and its inhabitants. 

16 day discovery circuit, trekking and 4X4 assistance

The circuit offers to admire a large variety of landscapes.

An immersion in the mineral Tassel of Hoggar. Dunes, grottos, rocks sculptered by sand and wind, rupestrian paintings and engravings. 

Five to six hours daily trekking for twelve days.

Two days with the 4X4  car assistance at the beginning and at  the end of the circuit.

Majestic and silence.

A main saharian adventure.



Adrar et Tassili et Tassili

Adrar(tamacheq):  mountain


9 day circuit  by car 4X4

This circuit by 4x4 car offers to discover the volcanic Atakor mountain range where is the Hermitage of Father Charles de Foucauld. Then  to reach the Tassel of Hoggar, huge sandstone plateau which extend to Niger.

The wind erosion carves mineral sandstone sculptures in a dried environment.




T e k e l e


Tekele(tamacheq): to walk

A 9 day circuit, trekking and 4X4 assistance


The 9 day circuit offers a large variety of landscapes. Dunes, grottos, sandstones rocks. Rupestrian paintings and engravings.

Magic and silence

Two or three hours daily trekking with a Tuareg's guide. 4X4 assistance.






Tifinagh: the writing in  tamacheq

9 day discovery circuit, 4X4 assistance

The 9 day circuit offers you to discover the Hoggar mountain range and the tassels through ancient civilizations.

Prehistoric sites , landscapes, ponds hidden in rocks, a rare and uncommon flora and fauna.