retour au sommaire

 A as

Administration: inquire in advance with the closest Algerian consulate for travel requirements.  A visa is required.

Alcohol: if you bring any, drink it (in moderation) away from the guides, drivers and cooks.  Use a proper drinking cup and wash it yourself.

B as

Baggage:  choose a strong canvas bag (duffel type) and a back pack for day trips to carry camera, water bottles, sunscreen, etc.

Buy: on arrival in Tamanrasset buy 3 meters of turban cloth for protection from sun, wind, cold, and dust.

C as

Camera: be careful with your camera and bring a strong bag to keep out the sand.

Cheche: a turban (see Buy); ask your guide how to wear it.

Clothing: Bring light clothes as well as warm for winter; light clothes for other seasons.  Wear loose clothing (baggy trousers, long skirts) of cotton or wool.

Cold: the Hoggar is elevated (Tamarasset at 1500m) as are the mountains of Atakor and Tefedest. It is cold.  Make sure to bring a sleeping bag suitable for low temperatures and some warm clothes.

E as

Electricity:  the only electricity in the desert is a flashlight (indispensible.)

Eyes: be careful: wind, sand, cold can be harmful. Wear protective glasses.  Contact lenses not recommended.

F as

Fire: the camp fire is where all the food is cooked; never throw anything in the fire.

Flight: inquire at Air Algeria, Point Africa for charters or direct flights to Tamanrasset.

Food:  you will taste traditional dishes such as “taguella” (bread cooked in the sand), as well as salads, cheese, fruits, and in the evening hot dishes of soup and meat.

I as

Insurance: ask about travel insurance; be prepared for the unexpected.

Itinerary:  can be modified by the guides based on inclement weather, mechanical problems, etc.  The guides will always be concerned with your safety and comfort.

K as

Kleenex: variation in temperature, wind, dry air…can cause nose irritations.

M as

Medicine:  be prepared in case of intestinal problems (constipation or diarrhea), eye irritation, and sun screen, as well as your usual medicine.

P as

Perfume: a small gift always welcomed by the women you meet.

S as

Sky:  sleeping under the night sky one learns how to read the stars.  Bring a stellar chart.

T as

Tent: some prefer to sleep under a tent instead of under the stars; both will be provided.

Themes: contact us for tailored trips based on a theme: music, flora, fauna, history.

Transportation: from the airplane, you will change to 4X4, camels for some walks, donkeys and camels with packs for longer walks.  You will never carry your baggage with the exception of your back pack (day pack.)

Trash: throw nothing away in the desert; throw nothing in the fire or only when ready to leave, not when food is being cooked and only if there are some coals left.

V as

Visa: inquire at the closest Algerian consulate.

W as

Walk: strong walking shoes, well broken in (goretex, canvas, …) and light shoes that can easily be removed before entering a house or camp.

Water: all water that is offered to you will be drinkable even if not clear or fresh. You might prefer to add a disinfectant.  Take a spray bottle for washing up.

WC: pack one or two rolls of toilet paper or wipes. Do not litter, burn at fire pit when leaving campsite.  For privacy, move away from group without getting lost.

Wood: a priority for setting up camp; a rare commodity.