Atakor mountain range


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2 circuits

The volcanic mountain range of Atakor is situated in north Tamanrasset .

The highest point is Mont Tahat (2918 m). It is the "koudia", the skull of Hoggar. 
Situated in the  highest middle of Sahara, the Atakor is the hydrographic system of central Sahara.

From this mountain range rise large valleys and wadis which flow to Chotts, Niger and Tchad in the past.

The mountain Assekrem, (2730m), is a meditation place for Christians, at the Hermitage of Father de Foucauld. 

Since 1955, Little Brothers of Jesus welcome visitors to the chapel, then to the panoramic table from where they admire an exceptional horizon.

Assekrem is a wheather center which points to the meteo in Hoggar, which indicates low temperatures in winter nights.




Amis (tamacheq): camel


15 days trekking with pack camels

Slow climbing to Assekrem.
 Large and volcanic plateaus follow defiles carved in dark basalt rocks.

Domes, rocky peaks rise above sky-line. 
A day's march to Hermitage of Father de Foucauld. 
Along wadis, gueltas (ponds), the vegetation looks luxuriant. Discovering rupestrian paintings.

Meeting nomads'people if possible and crossing the village of Tagmart.
Return toTamanrasset and visit in the town.





Sun rise at the Assekrem

 9 days trekking with pack camels

Discovering large diversity of landscapes, luxuriant  vegetation close to ponds, mountains and peaks, basalt shapes, valleys, dried wadis .

5 to 6 daily trekking. 4X4 assistance. Packs camels carry the luggage.

Time to discover rupestrian engravings and paintings. Magic and silence admiring the mountain range of Assekrem.