Central Sahara

Travel across the most beautiful and diverse Saharian landscapes.

See the ancient Saharian seacoast, the Tassilis, sandstone plateaus circling the Hoggar mountain range.

The Ajjer Tassili offers the most fantastic panorama of dunes, canyons, sandstone castles, sculpture rocks and peaks.

Exceptional rupestrian (prehistoric) sites.

Magic and silence.





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2 circuits


Idraren et Iguedan


 14 day camel trek, 4x4 and walking

Life here is at its best. According to Charles de Foucauld, when speaking of Atakor and the Hoggar, no words can describe the image of rocky peaks and needles ones sees walking.

The Tassili offers a great variety of landscapes in contrast with the Hoggar: dunes, grottos and rocks sculptured by the wind.

Discover the rupestrian paintings and drawings.

A perfect Saharian initiation.



E m e n i r


Emenir(tamacheq): the guide 


15 day, 4x4, circuit in the tassilis

Crossing the Atakor range, this  expédition leads right up to the Tassili N'Ajjer, at Djanet and the exceptional rupestrian sites.

Descent toward the Tassili of Hoggar by the Admer, Kilian dunes. Discover the Tagrera.

Return toward Tamanrasset .

Infinite variety on the route followed the dried river beds, along the cliffs and onto the dunes.