On Charles de Foucauld's memory

Charles de Foucauld's fort (bordj)

courtyard of the fort                                      chapel of the fort                               courtyard of the fort

  chapel of  La Frégate          La Frégate : first house built  in Tamanrasset by C. de  Foucauld            chapel of the Congregation

Commemorative  tablet at the Hermitage, at Assekrem


French Catholic religious and priest, Charles de Foucauld lived among the Tuaregs in South Algeria. Born in Strasbourg in 1858, he grew up in a French aristocraty family. After a difficult adolescence he went through a conversion experience. In 1901, at the age of 43, he went to the Algerian Sahara and lived a virtually eremetical life. He lived close to the Tuareg people and shared their life and hardships. He learned their language and worked on a dictionnary and grammar. He used the highest point in the region, the Assekrem, as place of retreat.

He was assassinated in 1916 outside of the door of the fort (bordj) he built to protect Tuareg's people.

He is considered by the Catholic Church to be a martyr.

His inspiration and writings led to the founding of the Little Brothers of Jesus among other religious congregations.



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