Voyage in the Sahara


retour au sommaire

The perfect escape and ideal vacation , the desert forces you to understand a style of life much different than your own and allows you to experience the outdoors while immersed in an unknown but welcoming world where conditions may seem more rudimentary.

 The Touareg men, host, guides, and  drivers are experienced and attentive.  They follow an itinerary adapted to their guests and to weather conditions.  They share their knowledge of the landscape and of their culture.

 On the first day of the trip they explain the difficulties and the cultural richness of the itinerary.  They will indicate the number of hours for the trip either by foot, by camel and by 4X4 and any transfers that may occur.


                                                                                     Lenght of the trip

Because of time spent flying in and out, one should count a minimum of 8 to 9 days, or two week for a Saharian discovery.  Distances are great between mountains, tassilis (sandstone plateaus) and dunes; it is good to take the time to discover the diversity of this landscape.



It is important to be in good health and shape to undertake a Saharian trip.  The all terrain vehicles are comfortable and travel at a pace that matches the varied terrain of sand and rocks.  The treks toward sites of interest are adapted to the physical aptitude of the travelers.  On walking treks camels or mules carry the baggage allowing freedom to walk without heavy packs.



The price of the trip includes transfer to and from the airport, travel by 4X4, Touareg guides, drivers, and cooks, and camels for the camel treks.  All meals are included as are all camping equipment (mattress, blankets and tents.)  Also included are the nights in Tamanrasset in a Saharian hotel (double rooms or dormitory, showers and steam baths.)



Desert food is frugal and it’s cost can be high for a native, but Tarakeft Voyages takes great care to provide quality meals.

Breakfast: coffee, milk, tea, butter, breads and jams.

Lunch: cold meal made up of salads, hard boiled eggs, drinks made with mint, lemons or grenadines and fruit juice from oranges or lemons.  Fruits.  Tea or coffee.

Snack: Tea, coffee, biscuits.

Dinner: Hot meal consisting of soup, stew with vegetables, rice, pasta, or traditional dishes such couscous, taguela (a form a bread cooked in the sand and served with a sauce) or el fetate (a local crepe.)  Dessert.  Tea or coffee.



Sleeping under the stars on a simple foam mattress (sleeping bags for winter travel in the mountains and high altitude) is a rare treat one should experience in one’s lifetime.  In the desert one learns to live with the horizon, the earth, and the sky.  These three dimensions are lost in our modern life.  One can also sleep under a tent provided by Tarakeft Voyages.

In Tamanrasset there are three possibilities for lodging:

Tahat Hotel, the hostel In Zawen and private homes.  Your lodging will depend on the trip chosen.



Large variation of temperature between night and day.  The climate of southern Algeria is arid and saharain.  On the higher elevations of the Hoggar the temperature drops with the sunset.  It can freeze at night in winter.  The temperatures rise rapidly during the day once the sun is up.  In the region of the Hoggar and N’Ajjer plateaus the difference in temperature between night and day is less extreme but still important.


Temperatures inTamanrasset (1500m d'altitude)









Maxi jour

30° C

86° F


25° C

77° F

21° C

70° F

19° C

66° F

22° C

71° F

26° C

79° F

30° C

86° F

Mini matin

15° C

59° F


10° C

50° F

  6° C

43° F

  4° C

39° F

  5° C

41° F

  9° C

48° F

13° C

55° F